What is Bitcoin Paper Wallet and What are the Benefits to use it?

paper wallet and its uses

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that facilitates its users for electronic payments or online financial transactions. It has received much attention from different investors throughout the world in recent years. And since the emergence of fiat currencies, bitcoin has been one of the biggest evolutions in the world of finance.

What is Bitcoin Paper Wallet and How does it Work

As bitcoin is a virtual currency, it has no physical representation. So, to store them, a printed piece of paper is used. This paper contains some keys and QR codes that you need while transacting cryptocurrencies.

This method is considered a bit safe as it has no connection to the internet. But some investors declare it a risky method because any damage to keys and QR codes can cause misreading and result in a considerable loss.

What is the difference between Normal Wallet and Paper Wallet?

Why Use Bitcoin Paper Wallet

How to Use Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Once your paper wallet is generated, you will need to sweep or import the funds present in it. You can also transfer coins to a live wallet or online wallet. For this, you need to scan all the QR codes and keys on your paper wallet. After this, you can easily transfer bitcoins to another online wallet.

It is highly recommended to sweep all your bitcoins. It is because the QR codes and keys can easily fade away or the paper can get damaged or lost. So, sweep it in order to prevent any financial loss.

What is Public Key and Private Key

Top Bitcoin Wallet Generators Websites

Some of the top wallet generators are

  • Bitcoin-Paper-Wallet.net
  • bitaddress.org
  • WalletGnerator.net
  • btcofficialwallet.org

These websites have a large number of positive reviews from users.

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Btofficialwallet.org as Best Paper Wallet Maker

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