Understanding Paper Wallet For Cryptocurrency Safe Storage

bitcoin paper wallet and working

In this article, I’ll share the information related to bitcoins paper wallet. After this article, you can whether you should use a paper wallet for storing bitcoins or not.

Bitcoin paper wallet is a method for storing bitcoins. This method was popular between 2011 to 2016. In this method, you have a private key and a bitcoin address which is generated by the website and printed on paper. It was considered the safest way to secure your digital assets with bitcoin paper wallet digitally.

When you log in to Coinbase, go to “Accounts” and then click on the “Receive” button for your Bitcoin account. It will display a QR code on your device screen, and you open up your paper wallet to reveal the private key and QR code. Now you can scan your private QR code using your phone’s wallet software.

Normal wallet vs. Paper wallet:

A paper wallet is in an offline form, it is considered a secure way to store your bitcoins from malware, cyber-attacks, etc. You can easily sweep your funds through the paper wallet. In paper wallets, your digital information about the bitcoins is printed out not the bitcoin itself is printed like this.

Whereas a normal wallet contains your real money in it. You can take your normal wallet everywhere. There’s a chance you can lose it somewhere, or someone can take it from you.’

Why use bitcoin paper wallet:

When a bitcoin is printed on paper, it cannot be approvable cyber by hackers and malware. This is an easy way to store your bitcoins. A paper wallet is for all cryptocurrencies. The bitcoins are not printed offline like regular currency, it’s the information in a bitcoin wallet or digital wallet which is printed. The bitcoins themselves are not stored offline, but their key is offline. The key generated is secret and can only be downloaded if you know the address and credentials of the website.

In a paper wallet, you can select the number of bitcoins you want to print. The QR codes are secret and can only be generated through your website and address.

What is the public key and private key:

In cryptography, data is encrypted by using large numerical values provided by a trusted authority. This key is available to everyone through a publicly accessed directory. Such a key is called the public key.

Whereas a private key is user-specific. It is only generated through your bitcoin address. It is a secret key that uses a specific algorithm to encrypt and decrypt codes. In this way, only you can access your wallet. Without having the address, no one else can generate your private key.

Best bitcoin wallet generator websites:

Bitcoin wallets are known to store bitcoins. Some wallets are limited to store a specific amount of cryptocurrency. In addition to all the facts kept under surveillance, the best bitcoin wallet generators are

• bitaddress.org

• bitcoin-paper-wallet.net

• paperwallet.bitcoin.com,

• walletgenerator.net

• btc-paper-wallet.com

This website generates high-quality and best security wallets for your coins. You can make a paper wallet, hardware wallet, or cold storage wallet from these websites.

The safest way to store bitcoin:

Bitcoins can be stored in several ways. You can either use a hardware wallet, a multi-signature wallet, or a bitcoin cold storage wallet. The credentials to your wallet should be backed up somewhere safe in case you forget them.

There are several websites that can generate the wallet of your desire. Choose the wallet which meets your conditions and store your bitcoins in it for good. The wallet should the one which you can access easily. The transaction process should not be tricky or complicated. The wallet should keep a record of your transactions so can easily calculate your belongings in the wallet.

BTC Cold storage wallet:

The more traditional and safer way to store your bitcoins in the wallet is the cold storage wallet. It is a way in which you can store your coins offline without any internet access. You can check the fund details in your wallet during a transaction like any other wallet.

Cold storage does not use encrypting or backup because it is harder to process your coin. When the bitcoins are stored offline, hackers cannot access your digital wallet in any way. This reduces the digging out of coins.

Btcofficialwallet.org as best bitcoin wallet maker website

A website that makes your wallets should a trustable one. It should have secure perimeters that ensure the safety of your currency from hackers. Btcofficialwallet.org is a well-known website to generate wallets for your bitcoins.

They have excellent security which is checked regularly to avoid any bugs. It is a convenient and user-friendly site. The authorities of the website keep a good check and balance of the website.


Now you know how a paper wallet in bitcoin works. After reading this article, you can easily know the type of wallet you need for your digital currency, and from where to buy it.

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